Top Selling Checks


Black Dachshunds

These personal checks are made special by the 4 images of the cutest black dachshunds. Up close and personal, this series is great for any dog lover.

dachshund puppies

Dachshund Puppies

Do not look at these Dachshund checks, unless you are ready to order. These checks have the 2 cutest and most adorable dachshund puppies you are going to see

shih tzu dog checks

Shih Tzu Dog Checks

These Shih Tzu dog checks feature 4 images of absolutely adorable shih tzus. The dogs featured on these personal checks include a black and white mix and a tan.

Boston Terrier checks

Boston Terrier Dog Checks

These Boston Terrier checks are fun, vivid, and a great personal check design featuring this true All-American breed. You can also get matching address labels.

black lab personal checks

Black Lab Personal Checks

Black lab checks attempt to capture this brilliant and loved animal. These personal checks have 4 images and each is bright, colorful, and shows off this breed

Belgian Malinois checks

Belgian Malinois Checks

These personal checks feature the Belgian Malinois, which is often mistaken for a German Shepherd. Four (4) pictures of this breed including puppies grace these checks.


Beagle Checks

These Beagle checks feature 4 beautiful dogs that really show off the adorable, fun-loving nature of this breed. Perfect for anyone who knows and loves a beagle

golden retriever

Golden Retriever Checks

If you love Golden Retrievers, then you will enjoy these dog checks and accessories. These personal checks feature a close up of an absolutely gorgeous Golden.


Weimaraner Checks

Weimaraner checks have 4 pictures that alternate throughout the checks. These personal checks are perfect for anyone that owns one of these beautiful dogs.


Pug Checks

If you love pugs, then you should consider these dog checks from the “Faithful Friends” series. Checks display an adorable picture of a pug looking up.


Chihuahua Checks

Chihuahua checks capture the extra large personality of this breed. An adorable Chihuahua graces these checks with its big ears and big eyes. Cute checks.


Cavaliar King Charles Spaniel Checks

You are looking at the face of an absolute love sponge. A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a loving companion. Have you melted yet? Adorable dog checks.


Hunting Dogs Personal Checks

Checks feature hunting dogs and are part of the Ducks Unlimited series. Ducks Unlimited conserves, restores, and manages wetlands and habitats for waterfowl.


Dachshund Checks

Admit it, you saw the name and picture and you thought “wiener dog.” It’s OK, we all do. These dachshund checks are one of our top selling dog checks.