Pomeranian Checks

Small but lots of attitude. It is an extrovert of the dog world. A feisty Pomeranian with its perfectly washed and brushed coat is super cute and perfect picture for a dog check.

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Don’t forget about a matching checkbook cover, address labels, or contact cards to go along with your new dog checks. Each of these accessories is available at checkout or can be purchased separately.

Checkbook Cover
Address Labels
Address Cards


Standard Pricing



1 Box: $19.95

2 Boxes: $29.90

4 Boxes: $53.90

1 Box: $23.95

2 Boxes: $37.90

4 Boxes: $67.90

If you are a first time customer and you order these dog checks, use the coupon codes below at checkout for Special Pricing.

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You do not have to be a new customer to save. All Customers (new and returning) can save by using the following code for free shipping and handling on personal checks.

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Special Pricing

Available for new customers only and who use the coupon code above.



1 Box: $14.95

2 Boxes: $23.90

1 Box: $17.95

2 Boxes: $29.90